My Friend Arty

I've had my horse Arty since he was 4 years old, which was way back in 1991. We have been through a lot together, a trailer accident from which he walked away unscathed, hunting and him having brake failure on top of the mountain, scaring me witless over X/C, struggling to remember dressage tests, him walking in front of me and stopping me leaving the field when I was really sad and bawling my eyes out, him dumping out through the side door when he didn't like the jump (my weak riding really!) many good and bad times.

I haven’t ridden him since 2006 – busy lanes, no one to ride with, busy in work – then he developed arthritis in his knee and was retired. This last winter has been particularly hard – for everyone.

A week ago we went up to the field to put the boys away for the night and saw Arty lying down in the field, obviously unable to get up. It’s that horrible gut wrenching, stomach churning feeling, “Is this it?” His arthritic near fore was underneath him and he couldn’t get enough purchase on the ground to get up. Luckily there were 3 of us and we managed to push him up enough that he could. Once up he was fine except for one stiff leg and his poorly knee which was hot and swollen. Four days later he did it again and I really began to think that ‘I would have to do the right thing.’

It made me realise that I have NEVER done a proper portrait shoot of him. NEVER had any nice pics of me and him together. How sad would that be to lose him with only mobile phone pics as a memory?

I know that our four legged friends can go to Rainbow Bridge at any time; that unforeseen accident, that colic – so many things. So many friends have lost horses for a variety of reasons each one tragic and painful. Some have been fortunate and have wonderful pictures, others don’t.  Once we can think of them without too many tears, imagine how you would feel being able to see them whenever you want.

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Oh, I have just had the brilliant news off my friend Jenny that Arty has been rolling and managed to get back up all by himself, how cool is that?! It is on video which I will post on Facebook. It’s not been a good time lately, you know, one of those patches where there is a lot of bad stuff happening?