New York Engagement

We love weddings and engagements even more so if it’s in New York City. This is Joel and Kilby who got engaged in New York last year on Times Square.

Both Joel and Kilby love New York and we settled on Central Park for the engagement session. Easter Monday, sun shining and two very happy beautiful people who adore each other, as you can see from this image.

We all enjoyed the session in Central Park and captured some lush images from a few different settings with in the park.

The big day was planned for May 24th in Tenby – then out of the blue that day was ripped from under Joel and Kilby’s feet! Devastated and upset, mission Wedding 2014 sprung into action. After a few frantic weeks New York City Wedding 2014 was in full planning.

All of us are now flying out next week for an intimate Wedding at the Ladies Pavilion in Central Park. I am so excited joining Joel and Kilby on their happy day to share the experience both with them, their family and friends.

We will of course recreate some of the engagement images from last year, but I can already visualize some amazing images round The Big Apple.

So, Stables Photography Studios wish Joel and Kilby a fantastic Wedding and an amazing future together.