One Year On

Well almost one year on. We had by this time last year decided to join forces and set up a new studio in Lewis's Lane, Abergavenny. It's been a year full of up's, down's and stress. On the other hand we have have met some brilliant people and photographed some amazing horses, dogs and super families. We have also photographed Antiques, Jam, Musical Artists and Business People.

Today has been one of the really bad days when I heard about the sudden passing of one of the great horsemen of our time. I don't feel comfortable saying any more right now but I did have to say something. Does that make sense? 

I hit 60 last year and it really made me sit up and take stock. What do I want from the next five years? Well the list is still being formulated but roughly it is as follows.

1. Get my hip sorted out - I have arthritis and can't walk more than 50 yards without big pain. this makes me a grumpy old cow to be around! I see the specialist on the 16th March so fingers crossed.

2. Sell the villa in Turkey and buy one in Spain - it is easier to get to and there are more horses for me to photograph.

3. Get the studio really well set up so that when I do retire (again) the boys will be able to cope - I say this tongue in cheek!

4. Continue the quest to find a wife for Morse - my beloved Jack Russell. 

Did you know you can rent mobility scooters for Badminton Horse Trials (and other events) If my hip is not better then I will have to get one.

Anyway, enough for today - lets see if this gets read!


Wendy x