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One Year On

Well almost one year on. We had by this time last year decided to join forces and set up a new studio in Lewis's Lane, Abergavenny. It's been a year full of up's, down's and stress. On the other hand we have have met some brilliant people and photographed some amazing horses, dogs and super families. We have also photographed Antiques, Jam, Musical Artists and Business People. 

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My Friend Arty

I've had my horse Arty since he was 4 years old, which was way back in 1991. We have been through a lot together, a trailer accident from which he walked away unscathed, hunting and him having brake failure on top of the mountain, scaring me witless over X/C, struggling to remember dressage tests, him walking in front of me and stopping me leaving the field when I was really sad and bawling my eyes out, him dumping out through the side door when he didn't like the jump (my weak riding really!) many good and bad times. 

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